1.You will receive a email from Parcel Tracker when your item arrives to our USA warehouse.

Shippello’s Shipping Schedule:

Our Shipment comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In order for a package to leave on either of the respective shipment days it has to be to our Florida location before 9am the day before.

Example: For a package to be on Tuesdays shipment it has to be to our location before 9am on Monday, for a package to be on Thursdays shipment it has to be to our location before 9am Wednesday.

Once the shipment arrives and clears customs we sort and organize and prepare for delivery to you the following morning.

Invoices are sent to your email at 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Your invoice will include a pay button that allows you to pay via Debit/Credit Card. You can also pay cash to any suncash or quick pay kiosk. These are the only forms of payment we receive.

3. After online payment is completed. You will then communicate with our shipping agent, to organize where you would like for our drivers to deliver your package to you in Nassau, or if your on the family islands which boat you would like for us to put your package on.


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